Hugging face diffusers and it allows one to customize the inage generation pipeline.



Huggingce Diffusers is the go-to library for state-of-the-art pretrained diffusion models for generating images, audio, and even 3D structures of molecules. It can be used to:

  • The simple inference solution

  • Training customize diffusion model

It focus on:

  • Usability over performance

  • Simple over easy

  • Customizability over abstractions

The main components

It has three main componenets:

  • State-of-the-art diffusion pipelines for interence with code

  • Interchangeable noise schedulers for balancing trade-offs between generation speed and quality

  • Pretrained models that can be used as building blocks, and combined with schedulers, for creating end-to-end diffusion systems


Huggingface diffusers Diffusers intro

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