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I’m Bowen Li and my code name is Aisuko. It looks great.

I have been doing it well until now. I am an excellent human being, today I am and, in the future, even if I bring into submission. But I will never be frustrated.

I’d like to do something interesting, like explore the GNU Hurd project. It’s cool.

And I’d like to explore the structure of the entire world. So, I’m not interested in the server, but the infrastructure needs to be updated.

I join the Meshery organization in 2020, I am the community manager until now. People there are so well. Now it is in the CNCF sandbox. I am happy with this.

I join the GNU Hurd in 2021, I’d like to research more about the microkernel because the HA or distribution servers work on a monolithic kernel and are not stable (It’s a joke). And there are lots of things that I need to learn and research.

In 2023, I jump into the go-Skynet organization which is focused on running the AI model in consumer level hardware. It is so super cool and the binding technique between two different languages is useful. And the project LocalAI is super cool.

In the beginning of 2024, I create a new open source community SkywardAI with a group of passionate students from RMIT University, and some of contributors are my former colleagues. It is a community inspired by LocalAI which we want to provide the free, real open-source RAG framework and data analysis solutions that enable anyone to democratize and run AI on consumer-grade hardware.

I’m a Sky photographer on Flickr and all the photos are free to download.

Maintainer CNCF, Savannah GPG Key: C52F AB76 4ECD 339F F038 1836 1F47 7E40 A672 B460 | | skywardai

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